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      Taodu building ceramics co., LTD. (GuangDe branch) is located in statelevel economic development zone, guangde county in anhui, zhejiang and Susan provinces at the junction, traffic is very convenient. The company belongs to the anhui province key enterprises, the company introduced advanced Germany, Italy, automatic ceramic production line, specializing in the production and sales of various specifications and color of senior colored glaze ceramic tile. Companies relying on local highquality clay resources, a strong technical team, scientific and reasonable production formula, strict production management, produce the "ceramic capital" brand ceramic tile to become the industry pioneer. The company's product quality is good, modelling elegant, complete specifications, color is rich. And has high strength, light weight, good flatness, bibulous rate is low, strong frost resistance, never fade, waterproof and heat insulation, easy construction, etc, is a traditional Portland cement tile and glazed tile ideal update products. Products of the indicators were higher than industry standards and national standard, building materials and their properties to international level in the same industry.